The Features of HR Software

This is the age of automation. Nowadays, no one expects you to manage your work process manually, and the same applies for your human resource department. This department needs to handle several jobs at a time. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of HR software to make your HR team more efficient. In this article we will discuss some of the main capabilities of HR software.

The recruitment process is one of the most important tasks that your human resource team looks after. With the help of HR software, you can conveniently organize and streamline most of the aspects of this process. It can help you in resume tracking and management. This software enables you to manage job descriptions s well as quickly scan bulk of resumes based on your preferred keyword search. It can search for the items that are important for you, i.e. experience or skills and flag resumes matching your criteria. Therefore, finding the most suitable applicants is a matter of few clicks, thanks to the HR software. This software will also help in tracking advertising as well as in maintaining applicant’s testing results.

This software also assists in succession planning and spend management, enabling you to keep a record of those positions that need to be filled in the near future. In addition, you can calculate the relative costs associated with filling those positions. You can even supervise the skill set of your existing employees to verify the possibilities of internal recruitment. This feature is extremely helpful for companies that work with an aging workforce where high volume of planned retirements is involved.

Another capability of this HR software is position budgeting and tracking. This involves budgeting for the required employee equivalents, position types and other factors affecting hiring decisions. It will also help you to frame the pay increases. In addition, this software enables you to track impact of recruiting new employees as well as transferring the old ones to a department. You can create and modify organizational charts simply by dragging and dropping employees in and out of any department. All these changes are maintained in a history file for future references, especially while creating corporate budgets.

Employee development and training is one of most crucial tasks of the human resource department. This improves your workforce’s capabilities. With the help of HR software, you can track the records of previous training as well as maintain records of the going programs. This, in turn, will help you to develop the training program by assessing the success or failure of the previous trainings. Moreover, you can identify appropriate courses to create training program for target groups. This software also enables your employees to register for the program through an online portal. They can even download course overviews as well as receive certificates online.

Human resource department is responsible for accumulating information required for OSHA (Workers Compensation, Occupation Safety and Health Administration) as well as other regulatory agencies. They need to keep a record of the health and safety measures taken by the company for its employees. The HR software can conveniently prepare and generate standard reports for such regulatory agencies.

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